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26 October 2010

Where to Buy Musical Instruments in Manila - Quiapo, Philippines


If you are looking for musical instruments and accessories, visit Evangelista Street in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines for a smorgasbord of musical equipment. I think the prices are lower too.

Just came in from my little field trip in Quiapo.  My teen son is totally into music.  His birthday is coming up and I wanted to see what musical instruments were there in Quiapo.  I wanted to get him something related to his music, but wasn't able to get one today.  

I counted how many years he has been totally interested in music.  It has been 5 years since he went home and asked for a guitar.  When he bought him one, it turned out he already knew how to play.   We had no idea where he picked it up.

A year later, same thing with the keyboard.  He just knew how, we just had to get him the instrument.  He has shown his diligence in studying music pieces all by himself.  He watches how to do a song in YouTube and practices repeatedly everyday.  He is a far cry from how I had been with piano.  I had a teacher and I resented that the teacher had to eat up my Saturdays with boring piano lessons.  (Saturday shows are:  Thundercats, Fraggle Rock, Dungeons and Dragons the Animation, Rainbow Brite and my favoritest Shirt Tales, so yeah, I pretty much hated the lessons.)  I loved playing piano pieces everyday, but totally slept through the lessons and drillszzzzzzz....

So if you want high quality musical instruments and items and you want to get it for lower prices, you can try scouting around in Evangelista St. in Quiapo and ask around for prices.  I was in a rush so I didn't get to ask around for the prices of different instruments. I just asked around for the item I was looking for. Depending on your interest in this post, I can go back and note items for you.  But for now let's discuss

How to get to Evangelista Street, Quiapo

I took the FX to Quiapo (the Quezon Avenue - Espana Boulevard route). At the end of Espana Boulevard still coast along toward the curved road going left.  Your transportation will go through an underpass and 
  • When you get up to the main road Quezon Boulevard, you will immediately see signs to the right saying Raon.  
  • Get down and walk a little heading to the direction where you came from.  You won't reach the Quiapo Church, but if you reach the Church that is okay, you'll still easily get to Evangelista.  
  • Today I got down 2 streets before the Church, G. Puyat.  If you enter another street from Quezon Boulevard, it's alright.  
  • Just walk through the street a bit and the first adjacent busy street you will see is Evangelista.
  • If you got down at Qiuapo Church, just go to the side of the Church and see the first parallel street beside the Church.  That is Evangelista Street as well.  
  •  You will  know it's Evangelista when you see that most shops are electronics stores, motor stores, music lighting stores, speakers stores and sporting goods and music Stores.
There are about 4 Music and Sporting Goods stores near each other from where I emerged from in Gil Puyat.  There might be more but I did not trek Evangelista St. on both ends.

Musical Stores and Sporting Goods usually share a shop.  So if you see trophies outside a store, take a peek if there are guitars hanging inside.  You  have come to the right place then.

I did not see keyboards or pianos, but what I did see today are lots of guitars, drum sets, violins, saxophones, and other smaller percussion instruments.  Of course you can get the other accessories of the instruments there, like guitar strings and picks, amplifiers, drum sticks, cymbals, etc. etc.

Same thing with sports equipment.  If you need lots of trophies, score sheets, etc. for your sports fest;  or if you need exercise equipment, you will find them in Evangelista. I bought a sleeping bag there for my son. The price is about half? or 2/3 the price of a sleeping bag with same specs from sporting goods stalls in the mall.

If you are nearer to Quezon City and don't want to go to Manila, you may also look for musical instruments in Sta. Mesa.

If you have kids who are totally into music for a long time and you know they will do this for a long time, visit Evangelista Street in Quiapo and be surprised at the price differences in music stores that you can find in malls.

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  1. Try to visit to Raon,,i know there is a lot of Instruments facilities in Quiapo. I don't know the streets but try to keep lookin around and you will see what is your needed.

  2. I plan to go there this May :) To Raon Evangelista and Sta. Mesa.

  3. Our founder, Victor Knight, was a jazz musician himself and founded the company because of the difficulties he found when trying to insure his double bass for road trips and the high prices he was quoted for his travel insurance and household insurance.  http://www.victorcknight.co.uk/quotes/musical-instrument-insurance.php